The $40 non-refundable payment is due at the time of booking  (the fine print). The per person rate is due 12 hours before the party payable here, taxes are not included in the price. Check, cash and credit cards are accepted for group payments. Active duty military and their families receive a 10% discount off the per person price. Prices Here

We are right there with you, that's why YOU get to pick what art you would like to make! Current options include pallet paint art which uses multiple layers and techniques such as weathering, color washing and stencils to create your one of a kind art masterpiece, and pallet string art where string and nails come alive! With all the options, you are not stuck making the same art as your friend. 

Home Art Party is a mobile art instruction and creation event held at your location. Similar to the popular paint and sip events, Home Art Party will bring the art studio to you, allowing the flexibility to serve food and beverages that fits your guests best. It's a fun way to spend time with family and friends! Adult and children parties are available.

You can have your party anywhere!! At your house, at a park, in a museum, at an office building or even a haunted mansion, anywhere your guests will feel comfortable and have the most fun. Yes, a Home Art Party Event Instructor is able to go on any military base.

Frequently Asked Questions

My friend, slippery hands Sally is coming, are you insured?

Where can I have my art party? Are you able to do a party on a military base?

I am a cooperation looking to do team building, can you help?

You betcha!! A Home Art Party Event Instructor will meet with you before the event to go over the goals employees would benefit from. On the day of the event, the Event Instructor will provide everything needed. As Home Art Party is fully licensed, the cooperation will be added to the insurance policy for the event day. 

If I am hosting a Home Art Party, what do I need to do?

Are you a real life business, or just doing this for fun?

What type of payment do you accept? Are there discounts?

Home Art Party is a part of McCr8tion LLC, a sole proprietor doing business in Pouslbo Washington. Yes, we are a real life business. If you would like a copy of the business license, resale certificate or State of Washington Certificate of Formation for our LLC, we have that for you. It is very important to have a fully vetted company working with you and not just Artist Amy who thinks this would be fun for a while. We assure you, the business is real.... along with all our trade names and trade marks.

We have the same friend! Home Art Party understands that accidents happen and though every procaution is taken to ensure there will not be a mess, sometimes mistakes happen. Just incase, Home Art Party is fully insured and able to handle any situations that slippery hands Sally brings. Certificate of insurance or to be added to our policy for the day of the party and is available without an additional charge. THAT is what sets Home Art Party apart from the other painting entertainers!

What is a Home Art Party and why would I want to do it?

As the party host you will need to provide the table (additional tables available for rent), running water, and have a power source or two close to help the drying process. The Home Art Party Event Instructor will bring all the art supplies and an art apron for each guest. Clean-up is easy with just soap and water.

I do not want another canvas painting in my house, it's starting to look like a terrible art gallery.