Let's Get This Party Started! Bringing The Art Studio To You!


Home Art Party will arrive at the designated time and set up for the event which entails bringing all materials needed to create the art from start to finish. The event will last for the agreed time and Home Art Party will then clean all the materials and supplies brought in. If the event runs over the allowed time or the party host wishes to continue the event, an additional hour will be billed as a flat fee of $50.


Payment of the $40 booking fee is due and paid by emailed invoice once the event date has been agreed upon. The booking fee is non-refundable. If the event is a private party (not corporate/group payment) there is no per person fee for the host. All per-person payments will be made through the payment website at least 12 hours before the party time. Group payments for the per-person event fees can be made by check, cash or credit card due at the beginning of the party. A bounced payment will result in an addition fee of $25 per missed payment.


Either party, upon a seven day written notice, may cancel the party. If the party host makes the cancellation, the $40 booking fee will not be refunded. A minimum of 5 guest are needed for each event, if the party host knows they will not have the minimum number of guest the event can be rescheduled without an additional booking fee. If Home Art Party cancels the event, the $40 booking fee will be refunded within seven days.


We understand that sometimes life hands you lemons and no one is able to bring you vodka to make spiked lemonade. All individual party payments need to be made 12 hours before the party start time. If you are unable to attend the party and have already paid prior to the 12 hour advanced request, simply email us and we can refund your payment no questions asked. If the individual payment as been made, all materials are brought to the party and that person is a no show to the party itself, the payments will not be refunded. 

The Fine Print