Meet John

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John is living the best retirement life you could imagine. While enjoying time with his grandchildren, playing pickleball or spending time with friends, he always has that smile! After moving into his recently built house, John needed to be surrounded by more sawdust, he is the true pallet master!

Rachel has planned events for over 15 years which taught her the importance of being detailed and organized while having fun! Founder of the original mobile paint studio, the flexibility of designs and crafts is a winning combination! Being able to choose a location where a person can eat or drink what they wish seemed like a much better time then sitting in a stuffy studio paying for each glass of wine. Home Art Party became a reality and is ready to entertain artiest and the painting challenged. Rachel received the honor of being Naval  Base Kitsap- Bangor's spouse of the year for 2018!

A mom of two born into a family of artist, art became her hobby, life passion and an incredible way to bond with her kids. The owner of  a successful jewelry business and in remission from a tough battle with cancer, she credits her love of art and creating the secret to her rewarding life. Her advice is to paint what speaks to you, and most of all, have a great time doing it! 

Samantha has been on the cutting edge of social media since the beginning! Her ability to bring fun and information to the masses makes her the best expert, and she is pretty fun in real life too! Any questions regarding social media please contact Samantha at 

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Home Art Party Media Relations

Home Art Party Paint Instructor

Meet Rachel

David and Kris have made a hobby out of cutting, sanding and building pallets, though their full time jobs are being a Dad and Papa. If its running to HomeDepot or spending hours in the garage, the pallets are always hand made and one of a kind with a smile (and some times a joke or two).

Meet The Team!

Meet Dave and Kris

A born leader and instructor, Mary is a wife, mother and Nana with a full time pickleball addiction. Her years of teaching within universities has proven helpful when instructing the artist and non-artist alike. She never strays away from a nice glass of red wine and an adventurous soul.

Home Art Party Pallet Builders

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Founder and Home Art Party Paint Instructor

Home Art Party Paint Instructor

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Home Art Party Pallet Builder